Hi there,

I'm Katlin. I graduated from College with a Certificate as a Veterinary Office Assistant (honors) and have worked in vet clinics for just under 6 years. I decided to leave the rather sad industry for something a little more creative - Dog Grooming. I made my first dog collar for my friend's shepherd mix in 2009, Makayo looked amazing in his camo collar and I was really happy with it, and it was fun for me! So I decided to make some for family, then friends, then clients at the clinic. The obsession grew from Collars to Leashes to Harnesses that stopped pulling. At the time I also made a few collars and leads for my roommate's Chocolate Labrador, Sam. 

When I got my Tamaskan Dog, Wylie, in 2012 I decided to see how I could harness (pun!) his power, rather than constantly working against him. After a few failed trials I finally made a working harness in 2014 when Wylie was able to start pulling like a big dog. I sold a few more harnesses and collars to friends and family, and now am expanding my small business to the world. 

Wylie and Katlin, May 2017

Wylie and Katlin, May 2017

In 2015 I decided to add ribbons to our lineup and finally managed to save enough to buy several dozen styles in 2016.

I am very involved in the Tamaskan community and they have supported me through the startup of this rather niche market! I am a groomer with my own business (contracted in Calgary) and love to see my client pups in my collars and leashes!

I'm Katlin, this is Wylie, and we are Polardog.